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So for Thanksgiving my LFS is changing one of his large display tanks out. He has a very large Banggai pair in there. The male is always holding but LFS can never catch the babies he thinks she makes him spit them out before they are done. He's going to catch the breeders and sell them to me. I used to have and raise Banggai (not that many) so I can't wait to try them again.

I have way too many cultures and such to not have more babies!!! Plus Banggai babies are easy and soooo cute. Just have to get his male to hold and stop her from harassing him.

Parvo copepods arrived today. Hoping to build the numbers and try bluestripe pipefish at Christmas before my iso or parvo's crash again. My pair are throwing babies every 9-10 days. I haven't see the babies yet but he gets eggs they get big and bumpy then disappear. Takes a day or two and she give him more.

Still weaning my male mandarin he's really stubborn.

Sterile is not better. Successfully bred: Banggai, Lined Seahorse, Saltwater Mollies, from egg dwarf cuttlefish, Opae Shrimp, Strombus snails, amphipods, copepods, rotifers.

Current Tank Info: 125 gal tank, 40 gal refugium - 30 gal grow out tank- 70 gallon erectus / pipefish tank
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