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General Updates

12/05/2017 - Failed Rock Stand
Well not too much to update really. After looking closely at my rock stand I think I am going to start over. It did not meet my creative standards. It was more error than It took a little bit of practice to get use to how the sand and epoxy would need to be mixed. Some spots are shiny and some are OK but the coverage on the sides is using too much epoxy with the approach I used.

Inconsistent Coverage
IMG_9813 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Inconsistent Coverage
IMG_9821 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Inconsistent Coverage
IMG_9823 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

12/05/2017 - Brown Film in Salt Water Container

I was using the cheap IO salt for cycling the rock and my frag tank and making batches in my new salt water station. I had forgotten that IO had the brown film issue. I am not sure if its the way I am mixing the water or if its the container but I will get to the bottom of it. I think it may be that I am using a heater in the container or mixing for days at a time.

Brown Film Floating
IMG_9818 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Film on the Sides
IMG_9819 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

12/05/2017 - Cycling of Rock and Frag Tank Updates

So the rock in the garage I think is pretty much done. I have not be changing the water or anything on a regular basis. I did some water tests and here are the parameters
Nitrite - 0 ppm
Phosphate - .30 ppm
Ammonia - 0 ppm
Nitrate - .05 ppm
I added a Two Little Fishes Phosband 150 reactor to one of the containers and will check tomorrow and see if it has removed any phosphate. Normally it does a good job of removing phosphates fast. Next week I will do a big water change throw in a half of shrimp in each container and let it go through the process again to help build up the bacteria colonies.

The frag tank I am pretty sure is cycled as well. When I perform water changes in my temp frag tank I have been throwing any little critters I find in the filter sock into the new frag tank. This week I noticed that a tiny brittle star fish and some amphipods were still alive. A good sign that I need to get into a regular routine again. I added a temp Bubble Magnus skimmer to the tank and it has been pulling out some grey stuff. I suspect its related to the products I used to cycle the tank.

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