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Rjvb87 - Thanks for the kind words. I am so behind but hopefully will get back on track. I am person that loves to tinker and occasional fall into the deep hole of E.b.a.y. Can I say that? I will pm the info on each item but basically its three parts you have to by.
  1. The individual LEDs
  2. The Base Plate (mine holds 14) - I also have one that does 7
  3. The Ballast

You will have to solder the LED's to the board and I found a good set of fine tips help along with a good soldering iron. You will also need to an old end of cord.

Originally Posted by Rjvb87 View Post
Can you please tell me where all your stuff came from for your “blinder light”. I love yours and would love to make one for under my 200 gallon tank

Thanks, and your build is INSANE

DesertReefT4r - Thanks for the kind words. I am coming along slowly . Glad to have you aboard. I am done with it as soon as I run out of it. I use to use Reef Crystals and did not have any issues but then again like I said I have never mixed up 60 gallons in one pop. Hopefully my new Fritz salt will not have the same issue once the main is up and running.

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Looking good, great build here. I will be following along. I had the same issue with IO and RC salt after the new labels and formula change happened a while back. Did not use it after that.

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