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02/11/2018 -I Quit the Hobby

I decided I would quit the hobby and try to sell the main display. I completely drained the tank and started to entertain offers on the tank. One of my neighbors made an offer to buy the main tank from me. I also had a guy stop by but his wife would not let him buy the whole set-up. The main reason I was quitting was due to LED’s. I think they are public enemy number one and hated them. They pretty much killed all my corals I had transferred over and they were not even running at full power in less than 10 days. Most corals were fully bleached and I even threw some away. Later I would regret throwing them away. My new LEDs created a new hot coral called the WLR (White Lab Rabbit)…white flesh pink eyes…lol.

White Lab Rabbit
IMG_1707 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Recessed Flesh
IMG_1686 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

02/17/2018 -Cabinet Door Updates

I ordered a new router bit to give my doors a little more character. The door profile now matches the profile that are on my kitchen cabinets upstairs.

Initial Edge
20180206_144043 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Decorative Edge for Doors
20180217_105823[1] by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Drawer Fronts and Base Cabinet Door
20180217_124931 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Panel Up Close
20180206_144150 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

Base Doors and Drawer Fronts Installed
20180219_154411 by LifeThrough_TheLense, on Flickr

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