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Another update:

At this point I am beginning to suspect possibly the UV Sterilizer is causing some issues. All parameters are within the desired ranges. Tested yesterday and got

Alk 8.6 dKH
Cal 395
Mg 1300
N 10
P .03

Something is definitely irritating the corals. No new growth. LPS trumpets never look full, though their feeding tentacles do come out at night. Very slow GSP growth on back glass, and no growth of torches. Monti's are holding steady and SPS fade in an out (the few frags remaining).

Done several water and filter changes over the past 6 weeks. Put in GFO for 10 days as some green algae was increasing on the back glass and over flow. Pulled it a few days ago and got the above test result yesterday.

Working on bringing down the nitrates slightly to <5ppm. Going to maintain Alk around 8.5 dKH.

The plan is to remove, dismantle, and inspect the Aqua UV sterilizer. Hoping to not find any corrosion or rot.

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