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Okay I believe I am finally on to something here. Yesterday I increased my flow (added in an old Hydor constant flow powerhead) and nearly instantly with the added random flow the LPS got puffy/full.

Next on a whim I heard the ATO topping off more than usual. Upon checking the mechanical media tray was overflowing allowing enough water to spill over the edge of the sump. Not total disaster. Didn't lose enough water to affect salinity. Here is where it gets interesting. The filters were changed only a couple of weeks ago. Typically I get nearly 6 weeks from the blue/white & polyfilter.

During the change I noticed they did not appear as filthy as usual. The skimmer also wasn't pulling quite the dark volume of gunk. My hypothesis here is that the increased carbon dosing (Vinegar/Vodka/RODI) was contributing to the sticky water I described earlier in the thread.

Over the past two days I've cut the carbon dosing 40% (25ml daily to 15ml). Along with reduced lighting intensity after watching a video where Dana Riddle explains photosynthesis/light/alk, I opted for more flow.

Ill leave the carbon dosing at 15ml for a few more days and likely do a 15g water change this weekend to further reduce the residual remaining slime/sticky from the water.

Let's see were this takes me.

90g Mixed Reef
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