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Originally Posted by snuffie381 View Post
About 7 months ago I believe I was hit with velvet. After dealing with flukes for a long time, I was finally able to deal with it through hypo and after a month of watching the fish added them into the DT. The fish went through Cupramine and every fluke medication you can imagine.

In August I did add caulerpa from a frag tank which is why I titled this 5 months. Fish were added Monday night and yesterday blue tang had a spot. Today Flame Angel has one spot and Kole Tang has one spot and I saw them scratch. They had no spots when I had pulled them out of the QT tanks and they were in there with a Powder Blue Tang which has no spots right now.
He didn't get added to the DT because I purchased a few more tangs including a Powder Brown Tang and wanted to add them all at the same time. Tank is 265g for the tang police. At the time of removal QT tanks had no medications.

So 5 months of not touching the tank and I don't know what to say. I suppose this could be something else and I will know for sure in a couple days but this is beyond frustrating. Also the 3-4 day time frame for showing spots seems in line from what I understand of the life cycle of ich had it been in the tank when I added the fish. I've read about this happening to others before and thought "user error" had to be the answer based on science...guess not.

Did you QT the new fish?? If so what did you do? I would ask where you got the fish from but it doesn’t matter if you didn’t QT. If there are low O2 spots in the tank ie roxk or sand there can be dormant cysts that will “activate” again when the O2 levels allow.

Fish are not disposable commodities, but a worthwhile investment that can be maintained and enjoyed for many years, providing one is willing to take the time to understand their requirements and needs

Current Tank Info: 625g, 220g sump, RD3 230w, Vectra L1 on a closed loop, 3 MP60s, MP40. Several QTs
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