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72 hours is the MAXIMUM amount of time you want the fish to be in a tank. keep in mind that this time line is not a 100% science and there is always some small percentage of variance. for this reason I personally used to do TT every 48 hours. it will require two more transfers then doing it every 3 days, but personally I believe the chances of success are higher with it this way.
Keep in mind that TTM will not treat Velvet and in some ways can mask it since you are constantly moving the fish. Velvet is becoming more and more popular these days. TTM used to be my preferred choice of treatment for the past 8 years but recently I have switched back to using copper.

300g with velocity t4 for return and a Reflo dart on a closed loop, T5 lights & SRO3000 skimmer.

Current Tank Info: 300g
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