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Originally Posted by nightOwl View Post
Rjvb87 -DesertReefT4r - Thanks for the kind words. I am coming along slowly . Glad to have you aboard. I am done with it as soon as I run out of it. I use to use Reef Crystals and did not have any issues but then again like I said I have never mixed up 60 gallons in one pop. Hopefully my new Fritz salt will not have the same issue once the main is up and running.
Use either HW Marine Mix or Reef or TMPR. You will thank me later, best salt mixes for sure.

Tank history 29g tropical ,55g cichlid tank, 20H softy reef, 29g mixed reef, 20H brackish goby & puffer tank, 55g mixed reef, 6g Nanocube softy lps reef, 40B sps reef, 75g sps reef, 75g sps reef in bu

Current Tank Info: 75g sps reef build in the works.
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