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Originally Posted by mdrobc1213 View Post
Just did my 1st hard plumming build and also had a few leaks at the unions do you/did you fix yours? Am at a loss other than redoing the plumbing lines which I don't necessarily want to do. Leak was at my drains...1" union into gateway valve then another 1" union to a 90 elbow to the sump drain #1. Help/thoughts on this?
Make sure your unions lines up perfectly and are hand tighten. Mine were leaking because some of the plumbing was a little short so I simply cut above the union a few inches, put in a coupler so I can adjust the pipe to be a little longer. This way all the unions are touching each other before I begin to tighten them by hand. This ensures a good seal.

Another thing you want to check after making sure the seals are there to begin with like Anthony suggested, is to remove the union. Then check to see if the seal got pushed down too far due to over tightening that they are no longer water tight. Carefully remove the seal, apply some reef safe silicone grease if you have any, if not, just try reseating the seal and hand tighten but not excessively.

If you have a leak around an elbow, take some pvc glue and try pushing it into where the leak is. Shut off the system, purge the pipe of water and dry the area where the leak is occurring. Smother the area with pvc glue and use your finger to try getting it in there if you have to. Good luck, I hope you fix the leak.

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