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Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
Again I remind you that most standard tanks have a drill hole for a bulk heads that transition to 3/4" loc line hoes.
My pvc out of the bulk head is 1", but all the line locs hose in the market are 3/4" meaning there is no escaping they eventually we need 3/4" at the end of the return line.
On a high flow system, you split the return into multiples, you don't try to jam all of the water through a single 3/4" fitting. That is a huge restriction and certainly isn't normal on larger systems. At minimum with the flow you are pushing you would split the return with a 1"pvc wye or tee before using a bushing to accept 3/4 loc line.

Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
Saying not all pumps are the same for me means: this is what it is, the performance am observing is vectra l1 capabilities.
You are observing a Vectra L1 performance when plumbed into a smaller system with restricted plumbing. It may seem simple, you may think what we are suggesting is abnormal, but it isn't. Pump manufacturers have been supplying barbed fittings for ease since before I was alive but recommend that they were plumbed with larger tubing.

Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
Saying vectra have 1.5" outlet and reduction impact vectra means: Vectra is not the right pump for standard tanks, and not suitable for tanks that requires above 700 800 gph return. Which if we apply the 5 to 10 times turn around means anything above 50 to 100gallon tanks.
No, that isn't what it means. If you had less restrictive plumbing then you would be able to run the pump much lower and achieve the same flow with a lower power usage. This is an advantage for DC pumps.

Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
I just wished such data was available before I spent 500$ on vectra ha ha.
It is available and has been since before these pumps were on shelves. Even after people knowledgeable in this arena explain what is going on, you still blame the pump, but I believe it is solely the way the pump has been installed. There is really no reason to by a high flow/low head DC pump only to throttle it down by restrictions. That negates the point of a DC pump.

Originally Posted by ohashimz View Post
I now feel much more at peace buying and RD3 which is not that much cost diffrence from vectra, or syncra 5.0 which more than half the price of vectra...
A RD3 100w is $850 vs a vectra L1 at $450. A $400 difference is substantial. The RD3 also handles head pressure differently than the Vectra. The Syncra is an AC pump ( and probably a good fit for your setup).

There may be something else at play here but I think the L1 just wasn't a good choice for your setup with its existing plumbing. It seems you have already moved on and we're beating a dead horse but if you want to fix the issues re-plumb it without the restrictions like Slief has pointed out and flow will be increased.

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