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I'm convinced. And for further confirmation, I had sent a followup question to Aqueon that also confirms what people are saying here.

Clarification Request:
I've been discussing this topic on a forum thread. I was interpreting the Aqueon response to say that you should NOT put plywood under the tank. People on the forum are saying that you can (and probably should) put plywood under the tank. They are stating that glass will not flex enough to overcome the thickness of the framing...and therefore will NOT touch the plywood even when full of water. They are stating that the concern comes from people that have put things like thick neoprene on top of the plywood that can push up on the glass.

Clarification Response:
If you are setting the tank on a plywood flat-top where the tankís trim will set down on the ply wood, that is fine. You just donít want the plywood inset and pressing upwards on the glass.

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