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Originally Posted by rmcgookey View Post
Day 15

Eating a bit more comfortably but not going to town. This is a mix of frozen brine and mysis. Most mysis chunks are too big for him to swallow. Hes also getting much less shy swimming in the open even with people standing around the tank which is a peninsula with not a lot of rock and hiding...

Knock on wood but so far happy with the decision to Not QT him. Being around other fish eating out of the column helps perhaps.
Now day 23. Much less timid. Eats everything out of the column. Seems to be comfortable in the social structure. Below is a video from today hes eating Elos pellets. Aggressively going after food. Took a while but Im happy about not QTing and releasing him from a partition after 1 week. I think it helped him learn to eat. Ive had bad luck with previous yellow belly regals but they were older (4-5 inches) and never came out from hiding or ate aggressively. Still too
Soon to tell but hes on the right trajectory.

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