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I haven't updated in awhile. There were a lot of uglies going on for several months with the tank. Dinos hit and pretty much smothered most of my corals. Hit the tank with DINO-X and it wiped out the dinos. Then came cyano and a couple weeks or dosing KZ zeozyme, coral snow and zeobak took care of the cyano. Then came the GHA and that took awhile to get rid of.

The arid reactor wasn't enough to keep nutrients down. Nutrients were climbing to no3 100ppm and po4 .31. So I added a Avast marine vibe reactor to run KZ zeolites to help bring down the nutrients some more. The zeolites were able to drop nutrients down to no3 25 and po4 .16 and it's been stuck there for a couple months now.

I just started dosing some redsea nopox at half the recommended dose to try and lower it some more. Some of the corals are doing well but others are suffering. Most likely due to the elevated nutrients.

Here's a huge picture dump. I had photoshop auto correct these pictures via the curve option. I don't know how to work photoshop so the majority of these pictures are true to life while some are a little off. Some of the blues and yellow is hard to capture.

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