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Originally Posted by RobSpeed13 View Post
Well a long time ago i had a Innovative Marine 20Fusion. I always have had tanks with a sump except for this one as i move around. So right when they announced the EXT is the same time i decided to build a IM20 Black Series set up. though i have many many photos of me DIY things im going to post up the finished product photos.

Equipment is as follows:
Custom Stand
Custom Canopy
Custom Sump(Built by salty fish aquariums in San Antonio,TX)
Modular Marine 800GPH Overflow
Let lighting T5 Retrofit Kit(2 ATI Blue+ Bulbs)
AI Hydra26 HD

Future Equipment:
Ecotech Vectra S1
2x IceCap 1k Gyre
Cobolt Neotherm 100w heater
Doser(Undecided on brand)
Incredible so far, fantastic attention to detail

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