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Originally Posted by murphreef View Post
Literally the longest build thread ever.... not to be rude but why the hell is it taking you so long to get it set up lol.

Nice build for sure but when I set up a tank is all set and done in a few days.
That sir is a great question! Trust me i feel the exact same way and to answer that honestly. Life is the answer lol. Before when i was single i'd set up tanks left and right like its cool. Now with a family of 4 other priorities come before the fish tank. Especially since we've been doing nothing but christmas shopping for the past idk how long now haha. Protein Skimmer i just got in yesterday lol.

As for equipment though i no longer need to buy any lol. Just some dry rock and let the cycle begin. well i take it back, need to buy all the filters and membranes for my 6stage rodi unit lol, and some sand, test equipment and supplements to dose. Im sure all my RedSea test kits are expired by now same with the supps lol.

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